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    What does PD protocol fast charge mean?

    2021/3/18      view:



    1. What does the PD charging protocol mean

         The PD charging protocol is a power transmission protocol announced by the USB-IF organization. It can increase the current default maximum power of 5V/2A type-c interface to 100W. At the same time, Google announced that the fast charging protocol carried by mobile phones above Android 7.0 must support PD The agreement is intended to unify the fast charging market.







    2. What does PD protocol fast charge mean?

         USB-PowerDelivery (USBPD) is one of the current mainstream fast charging protocols. It is a fast charging specification formulated by the USB-IF organization. USBPD increases power transmission through USB cables and connectors, expanding the power supply capability of the cable bus in USB applications. The specification can achieve higher voltage and current, the transmission power can reach up to 100 watts, and the direction of power transmission can be freely changed.

    The relationship between USBPD and Type-C. People often talk about USBPD and Type-C together, and even call Type-C chargers as PD chargers. USBPD and Type-C are actually two different things, USBPD is a fast charging protocol, and Type-C is a new interface specification. The Type-C interface supports up to 5V/3A by default, but after the USBPD protocol is implemented, the output power can be up to 100W as mentioned above. So now many practical Type-C interface devices will support the USBPD protocol





    3. Advantages of PD fast charge protocol

         PD is PowerDelivery, which focuses on the power transmission process of two or more devices, or even a smart grid based on the USB interface. The power transmission can be bidirectional or even networked, and can have a system-level power supply strategy. QC is that QuickCharge only pays attention to the problem of fast charging. The power transmission is unidirectional, it does not have the power network capability, and does not support other functions except power supply.

    Of course, many users still don’t understand the meaning after reading it. Simply put, if the PD protocol is popularized, you can go back to the good time that you can charge all mobile phones with only one charger at home, or even better. The thing is that this charger can also charge your computer and tablet, and the mobile phone can also be transformed into a mobile power bank. In this way, the world will be quiet again and the spider web will disappear!